Children's Furniture

Choosing furniture for a child's room is never easy. Not only do you have to factor in styling, but you also have to think about safety features as well. Consider these tips when shopping for children's furniture:

1. Ensure safety - Make sure the furniture you are looking at doesn't have design defects that could render it unsafe for your child. Recently, there's been a nationwide recall on drop side baby cribs for this very reason. Something as simple as the spacing between crib slats could result in injury to your child. Use common sense when picking our furniture.

2. Space requirements - If you're like most of us, you're probably short on space. For this reason, you might want to focus on children's bedroom furniture that can serve more than one purpose. Such a bed the doubles as a chest of drawers to keep clothes in. Or a crib that will double as a bed a few months down the road.

3. Styling - Naturally you want the furniture you pick out to fit in with your existing styling. If your child's bedroom has a sports theme for example, buying a Winnie the Pooh bed is probably not a good idea. Also make sure the furniture's colors match your room's colors.

Above all else, when buying children's furniture, parents should be most concerned with safety and only buy pieces that meet the highest safety standards.

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